Underground signing at Bridge City Comics.

P R E S S   R E L E A S E
Bridge City Comics is proud to present
Underground #1 signing event and release party!
Bridge City Comics is proud to announce a special release party for Underground #1 on Wednesday, September 23 from 6pm – 8pm!

Underground #1 is written by Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas, Interman), drawn by Steve Lieber (artist and co-creator of Whiteout, now a major motion picture adapted from the graphic novel) and colored by Ron Chan (Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper). All three are Portland locals and will be signing copies of Underground #1 (available for sale at Bridge City Comics) during this event!

In addition, original artwork from Underground #1 will be on display!

This event is open to the public and free to attend. Please come down and support our local comics talent!

Bridge City Comics is located at 3725 N. Mississippi Ave in North Portland. Please call 503-282-5484 or e-mail info@bridgecitycomics.com for more information.

About Underground
Park Ranger and avid caver Wesley Fischer is on a one-woman mission to stop Stillwater Cave from being turned into a tourist trap, but public opinion is not on her side. When locals begin blasting in the cave, Wes and a fellow ranger investigate – and a confrontation spirals into a deadly chase deep under the Kentucky mountains! http://www.undergroundthecomic.com

Guerrilla signing at Earth-2!

Last-minute news! I’m doing a sneak-attack, guerrilla signing at EARTH-2 COMICS in Sherman Oaks!

I’ll be drawing sketches, and signing copies of WHITEOUT and MELT. And we’ll be giving away WHITEOUT movie posters, courtesy of Warner Brothers, and ASHCAN EDITIONS of the first issue of UNDERGROUND.

It’s all happening at EARTH-2 COMICS
SHERMAN OAKS 818.386.9590

New Underground interview and a review roundup.

Jeff Parker and I talk Underground, moral ambiguity, trusting your reader, and limestone water eating away at your face. There’s a new interview up at Comic Book Resources.

And here are some of the reviews for the first issue. Underground arrives in stores September 23, but it looks like the buzz is getting started early. Thanks everyone!
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San Diego schedule.

Artists Alley: FF-16, between Colleen Coover and Ron Randall. Come by and see if I’ve sold out of the Underground #1 ashcans yet.

Let’s face it, I’ll be pushing UNDERGROUND like a crazy man all week. No one will escape my mighty hype. The Elite Security steroid guy who screams at me every night at 7:00pm to get out now? He’s gonna go home thinking “A comic set in a cave? Sounds kinda cool.”

Just two panels this year:
Thu, July 23, 2pm – 3pm
A Darker Shade of Ink: Crime and Noir in Comics— Crime comics are back with a bang! Darwyn Cooke (Parker: The Hunter), Greg Rucka (Gotham Central), and Steve Lieber (Whiteout) join moderator/noted mystery and comics writer Max Allan Collins (The Road to Perdition) to talk about the new incarnations of crime and noir in comics. Room 5AB

Friday the 24th:
11:30-12:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #6: Can College Prepare Creators for Comics Careers?— Hope Larson (Chiggers), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Nick Langley (Rocket Llama), Jaque Nodell (Super Human Resources), Marko Head (Marko’s Corner), and Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Underground) discuss whether college education can really help people pursuing comics careers. Room 30AB

A two-review morning.

Now here’s a fine way to start the day: not one, but two great reviews of Jeff parker’s and my new comic from Image, Underground:

Great writing, strong character development, good art, and a story worth reading is always something that I am in the mood to check out and Underground delivers. For those that were on the fence or might have missed this one I suggest you give it a second thought and check this book out – it is worth your time and money.

Michael Smith, The Comic Addiction


It’s a good action story, the characters are either likable, interesting, or both, and the dialogue is real…The art is not only technically very, very good, it is well-suited to this setting and story. It’s easy to relate to the characters Lieber and Parker have created. I’m guessing that if you read the black and white preview you’ll want to buy the comic. And, once you buy issue #1 you’ll buy #2 — to find out what happens next.

Sigrid Ellis, Fantastic Fangirls

more underground reviews

“…a slow burn early on that leads to an explosive finish that has the reader begging for the next issue. Underground strikes a delicate balance between plot and character development and immerses the reader into the town of Marion.”
Stumptown Trade Review

“Parker has managed to find time in his busy schedule of revamping the EXILES book (which I am loving, by the way) to come up with this grounded and interesting story. Lieber’s art is more than decent; gritty and real without being too dark or jaded, synonymous with the script, and as stated before, the opening sequence hit a very haunting note. If you are interested in nature, be it human or earth related, UNDERGROUND is worth checking out.”
Avril Brown, Comics Waiting Room

“Parker’s writing is great here. He does a good job in Underground with the many different aspects of the story. Parker’s control of the romantic dialogue, witty banter, and mysterious foreshadowing does the comic well. Lieber is no slouch either as his artwork really brings Wesley and the cast alive with the excellent detail in both facial features and background work.”
Aaron Albert, About.com

Rotten news!

My wife and I were just burgled. They stole our laptops, so we have no computers at home anymore, and we’ve got several days ahead of us of running around dealing with police, insurance, checking to make sure backups work, etc. This means that all the time at home I’d planned to spend doing promotion on Underground is gone, as are the machines I’d planned to it with.

Lots of folks have asked “what can I do to help?” The answer, if you have a comics audience, is blog or tweet something about the book. Send them to this specific post on the Underground site, or just tell them that Parker and I have a new book coming out from Image. Your RTs and facebook posts will make a big difference.

Underground reviews are starting to come in.

“While fans might know him from his adept handling of diverse superhero characters, they still might be surprise by the subtlety and suspense Underground #1 provides.Neither Lieber’s facility with “normal” humans nor his status as a superb storytelling craftsman are anything new, but he seems to be exceptionally matched with Parker for this project. The characters seem real, the pace subtly ensnares you, and the project is filled with potential.”
J. C. Vaughn ,Scoop.

“This is the way comic books should always be done; sharp dialogue, crisp art and dynamic colors all mixed in equal, complimentary parts. In case I’m not getting my point across, this is a five-star, two thumbs up kind of book that you really don’t want to miss. Underground #1 is my favorite single issue so far this year and I’m confident it’ll be yours. “
Joseph Dilworth, Pop Culture Zoo

“I find the whole story setup very interesting. It highlights a very topical conflict when it comes to caves, that is the age-old commerce vs. conservation argument, and does so unobtrusively within the context of the story. Characterization is strong, as is to be expected from Parker.”
Johnny Bacardi, The Johnny Bacardi Show

“I had the chance to read a preview copy, and I was impressed by how quickly I got to know and care about the characters, as well as the (literal) cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read more!”
Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading