“One of the year’s best offerings”

We’ve started seeing great reviews of the first four issues of Underground. (Preview copies of issue four, which hits stores December 16th, went out to critics a few weeks ago.)

“This is storytelling that grips you and envelops you in a world that is so completely realized and populated with characters so thoroughly fleshed out, it’s not an exaggeration to call it one of the year’s best offerings.”

Ain’t it Cool News

“Boy do Parker and Lieber deliver – it’s one of the most gripping pieces of action that I can recall recently, mostly in the way that they really make you feel the tightening of the cave around the characters – as their air gets tighter, you almost feel YOUR air getting tighter – there’s rarely a better compliment than noting that a comic book made you practically share the experience of the characters in the book, but that’s exactly the reaction I had in #4, which I found to be the strongest issue of the series yet.”

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