A two-review morning.

Now here’s a fine way to start the day: not one, but two great reviews of Jeff parker’s and my new comic from Image, Underground:

Great writing, strong character development, good art, and a story worth reading is always something that I am in the mood to check out and Underground delivers. For those that were on the fence or might have missed this one I suggest you give it a second thought and check this book out – it is worth your time and money.

Michael Smith, The Comic Addiction


It’s a good action story, the characters are either likable, interesting, or both, and the dialogue is real…The art is not only technically very, very good, it is well-suited to this setting and story. It’s easy to relate to the characters Lieber and Parker have created. I’m guessing that if you read the black and white preview you’ll want to buy the comic. And, once you buy issue #1 you’ll buy #2 — to find out what happens next.

Sigrid Ellis, Fantastic Fangirls