Underground paperback review roundup

“Wesley is earnest, human, and just plain likable, as is her fellow ranger/boyfriend. I won’t spoil the unusual dangers of the cave they are in, but it makes for some daunting and eerie moments.The bad guys aren’t bland either; they are similarly full of nuance and personality, especially amusing when abrasive (making them excellent villains). Their boss is delightfully scummy as well. The ending of the action was great…”
Under the Radar

” Believable and likable characters propel this fast moving tale. Parker presents the separate viewpoints of the factions in an informed manner while successfully maintaining Fischer as the sympathetic protagonist. Lieber’s excellent storytelling and vibrant art really shines, especially in the tense underground chase scenes, where he expertly combines peril with wonder. ”
Rick Klaw at the SF Site

“Underground is one of those rare finds that comic book reviewers crow about. Adding to the atmosphere of the series is the dynamic coloring that pulls readers into the subterranean world of caves that feels so full of possibility and drama that the cinematic air of the series comes alive.”
Daily Pop

“Those of us who are always demanding clever, tough ladies in lead roles will enjoy meeting cave geek Wesley Fischer, and those of you who want exciting comics without superheroes and lasersharking will be equally happy.”
Not Falling Down

You can get Underground from your local comic shop, or by mail from Things From Another World There might also be a few autographed copies left in Periscope Studio’s Etsy store.