Superior Foes ends. The critics get the last word.

This past Wednesday, Nick Spencer, Rachelle Rosenberg and I wrapped up The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, our absurd heist comedy set in the Marvel Universe. We’re hugely proud of it, and the reaction from critics and readers has been wonderful. If you haven’t read Superior Foes yet, you can get signed copies of the paperbacks from my studio’s shop.

Reviews for the Final Issue:

Superior Foes deftly mixed comic bombast, candy-coated visuals, frenetic capers, tangled double crosses, and insanely great humor with, well, even more insanely great humor… the Marvel machine, at the height of its pop power, somehow let something small and personal into the world.”
This Is Serious Business

“Spencer and Lieber created fifteen of the best issues published by Marvel in years because they recognized it’s better to be a loser who tried than a winner who played it safe.”

“An oasis of ridiculousness… entertaining, top-of-the-stack reading, and this final issue of the series is no different.”
Comic Book Resources

“One of the funniest books on the stands month in and month out. ”
We The Nerdy

“One of the most underrated and under-appreciated comic series on the market…  highly recommend that you give this series a chance”
Comics Spectrum

“The climax of Nick Spencer and Steven Lieber’s the Superior Foes of Spider-Man is as good as it gets in comics…a fantastic end to a superior comic book series”
Geeks Unleashed

“This was a great way to end this series, and as hard as it is to know there’ll be no more issues, it was a fun and exciting run.”

“This entire series, beginning to end, has been a thing of beauty. It’s a real labor of love, and it shows in every page ”
Infinite Comix

“Through it all, Steve Lieber and Rachelle Rosenberg bring their fine blend of art once more, delivering the visual gags with pitch perfect precision”
Paradox Comic Group

“A bonafide sleeper hit, thanks to a sublime blend of dark humour, deft characterisation, and an ability to dip into the most obscure parts of Marvel lore.”
Wired UK

“It was fun, it was funny and it was exceedingly well put-together. While it’s a bummer that the book won’t show up in shops next month, it’s great that it goes out on a high note.”
Everyday Is Like Wednesday

“They gave us a book that was funny, smart, and unique, things more comics should strive to be. ”
Superior Spider Talk

“Spencer and Lieber certainly send it off in style…we need more comics like this one on the stands.”
Examples of Nerdery

From the start Spencer & Lieber gave this title a distinct voice, blending crime capers with absurdist humor. Its rhythm felt like very few other books on the shelves. Today, Superior Foes comes to an end with an issue that perfectly captures the spirit of the series.
Nothing But Comics