Girl Walk All Day party in Portland

Sara and I are huge fans of Girl Talk’s ALL DAY. When we found out about the GIRL WALK/ALL DAY video project, we fell in love and watched it over and over. The director Jacob Krupnick has been traveling across the country putting on live screenings with dance parties. Tonight they came to Portland, and I had to attend.

I’m pretty sure I was the oldest person in the room- certainly the oldest person dancing. (And if this picture is to be believed, I was also the tallest.) Of course I pulled out my sketchbook. It’s never easy nailing the gestures of dancers- they aren’t exactly holding still- but if you stare hard enough, you can spot some patterns (and creep a few people out while you’re at it.) The picture below assembles some of the night’s more intelligible doodles. I had a great time. Big, big thanks to everyone involved.

Gesture drawings by Steve Lieber