Everyone is changing their mind.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5 came out last week. I’ll be direct. I know a lot of folks didn’t pick it up, possibly because it’s called “Superior Foes of Spider-Man.”

Don’t let that scare you off. The reviewers all looked at that title and had the same reaction you did. But here’s what they’re saying now:

The Onion AV Club: “Gut-busting ensemble comedy and slick cartooning that has made the series one of the year’s funniest comics and a top Marvel title.”

Newsarama: “This book is consistently great.”

IGN: “Wonderfully drawn, nicely paced, and exceptionally funny without being afraid to go a little bit dark, SFoS is a brilliant little title.”

Comic Book Resources: “Superior Foes” is a great stop for readers looking for fun, engaging stories that are self-contained and well-told. For the first time, these characters all feel like fleshed-out people that I continually look forward to spending time with each month.”

Flickering Myth: “Superior Foes of Spider-Man is such an enjoyable read. The perfect blend of pulpy crime fiction and comedy with just the right amount of self referential meta hijinks.”

The Outhousers: “I am just loving this book, you all need to read it, now.”

We the Nerdy: “Superior Foes continues to be one of the best books Marvel puts on the shelves.”

Read Marvel: “Fun writing, fun layout, fun art, just an overall pretty fun book.”

Weekly Comic Book Review: “plenty of humor as well as some truly memorable moments with its cast of loser super-villains, Nick Spencer simply brings a lot of entertainment for readers, which is only helped by the brilliant work of Lieber and Rosenberg.”

Comic Vine: “I can’t help but find something to delight in every scene.”

Paradox Comics: “a Marvel book with a terrific comedic slant…a beaming smile upon each reading.”

Weekly Crisis: “This comic is so good. Nick Spencer has been hitting every single script right out of the park.”

Comics The Blog “Superior Foes of Spider-Man is a series that makes it look almost frustratingly easy, that is just all-around brilliant and celebrates a lot of what makes comics excellent, without ever having to be married to just one genre or tone.”

Tiffany Smith: “I just love everything about this; one of the funniest comics out right now.”