Catching up.

I’m back from San Diego Comic Con, and I can’t begin to express what a great time I had. Fun panels, terrific company, and so many conversations with all the wonderful people involved with every aspect of comics. Superior Foes of Spider-Man didn’t win the Eisner for Best Humor, but the book that did, Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson, is one of my favorites of the past two decades, so it’s hard to feel too bad about that.

Next show for me is Boston Comic Con, July 31st- August 1st. Table D-418. And I’m taking advance commissions for the show! Details at steve (at) stevelieber (dot) com. I’ll be there with my studio-mate and Underground collaborator Jeff Parker.

And speaking of Underground, gracias a esta traducción por Miriam Abuin, ahora se puede leer Underground en español!

Meanwhile, I’m at work on THE FIX, with my Superior Foes collaborator Nick Spencer. Currently doing touch-ups on the line art for the first issue. Watch my twitter for more news about when this book will be solicited!