One corpse. Two women. One Thousand Men. Fifteen million square kilometers of ice.

Nominated for four Eisner Awards: Best Limited Series,
Best Graphic Album, Best Writer, and Best penciller/inker.

The story

The Ice is vast, cold, and unforgiving. It’s also the place Marshal Carrie Stetko calls home.

Originally sent to Antarctica as an exile due to a botched prisoner transport job, Carrie has found a new life on the Ice. That life is shattered, however, when an entire base turns up missing with only a dead body left behind. Whoever is responsible also took several core samples from the ice, adding further questions to the mystery. What was in the ground that was so important that a man had to be killed for it? As Carrie investigates, more bodies start piling up, and when Lily Sharpe, a slick British intelligence agent, gets involved, Came realizes she may be in way over her head. Good thing is, she’s been there before, and she’s pretty good at digging her way out.

About the graphic novel

WHITEOUT is written by Greg Rucka, the author of the Atticus Kodiak series of novels. The book is illustrated by Steve Lieber, ( DETECTIVE COMICS, ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION.) WHITEOUT was originally serialized as a four-issue miniseries, and is published by Oni Press.

128 pages, black-and-white. $13.95 Harsh language and adult situations.

ISBN-10: 193266470X
ISBN-13: 978-1932664706

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