Recommended Books For Cartoonists


George Bridgman
The Human Machine
Bridgman’s Life Drawing
Constructive Anatomy

David Chelsea
Perspective for Comic Book Artists

Betty Edwards
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Jack Hamm
Drawing the Head and Figure
How to Draw Animals

Andrew Loomis
Figures in Action
Loomis’ other books are long out of print, but highly recommended. Try ebay.

Kimon Nicolaides
The Natural Way to Draw

David K. Rubins
The Human Figure: An anatomy for artists


Will Eisner
Comics and Sequential Art
Graphic Storytelling

Steven Katz
Film Directing Shot by Shot

Stan Lee and John Buscema
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

David Mamet
On Directing Film

Scott McCloud
Understanding Comics
Making Comics

Francois Truffaut

Nat Gertler and, uh, me.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel