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Written by Jeff Parker. Drawn by Steve Lieber.
Kentucky Park Ranger Wes Fischer wants to save Stillwater Cave, but first she needs to save herself.
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Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Tons of great reviews!

WHITEOUT issue 1.
Written by Greg Rucka. Drawn by Steve Lieber.
The first issue of the Eisner-winning Antarctic-thriller series from Oni Press.

Flytrap issue 1.
Written by Sara Ryan. Drawn by Steve Lieber.
Episode 1: Juggling Act. What would drive you to give up and join the circus? Maddy’s about to find out.

Me and Edith Head
Written by Sara Ryan. Drawn by Steve Lieber.
Eisner award-nominated short comic! Features one of the characters from Sara’s Oregon Book Award winning novel Empress of the World.

Family Reunion
Written by Sean Stewart. Drawn by Steve Lieber.
8 page comic written as a companion piece to Sean Stewart’s novel Perfect Circle. If you like it, don’t donate to me, just buy the novel. Perfect Circle was shortlisted for the Nebula and the World Fantasy Award. It’s one of my favorite books and I’ve personally bought and given away at least six copies.

209 Round Trip
One page comic about my dad. Not a happy read.