Underground reviews are starting to come in.

“While fans might know him from his adept handling of diverse superhero characters, they still might be surprise by the subtlety and suspense Underground #1 provides.Neither Lieber’s facility with “normal” humans nor his status as a superb storytelling craftsman are anything new, but he seems to be exceptionally matched with Parker for this project. The characters seem real, the pace subtly ensnares you, and the project is filled with potential.”
J. C. Vaughn ,Scoop.

“This is the way comic books should always be done; sharp dialogue, crisp art and dynamic colors all mixed in equal, complimentary parts. In case I’m not getting my point across, this is a five-star, two thumbs up kind of book that you really don’t want to miss. Underground #1 is my favorite single issue so far this year and I’m confident it’ll be yours. “
Joseph Dilworth, Pop Culture Zoo

“I find the whole story setup very interesting. It highlights a very topical conflict when it comes to caves, that is the age-old commerce vs. conservation argument, and does so unobtrusively within the context of the story. Characterization is strong, as is to be expected from Parker.”
Johnny Bacardi, The Johnny Bacardi Show

“I had the chance to read a preview copy, and I was impressed by how quickly I got to know and care about the characters, as well as the (literal) cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read more!”
Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

Whiteout Movie Trailer!

Oh god, busy day! In addition to the news about UNDERGROUND, the Whiteout movie trailer’s gone live, too. EDIT: Now it’s gone from there. Don’t ask me folks. I find out about this stuff on Twitter like everyone else. If it pops up somewhere else, let me know.

If you reblog this info, you can let people know they can read the entire first issue right here.

Alas, one thing in the article with the trailer is wrong. Greg’s had some scheduling conflicts, so there is no Whiteout sequel on the horizon. But, um, there is UNDERGROUND.

Parker and Lieber go Underground at Image.


art & cover STEVE LIEBER
color RON CHAN

As WHITEOUT readies to hit theaters worldwide, artist STEVE LIEBER returns to the adventure genre with a new thriller, pairing with acclaimed writer JEFF PARKER (AGENTS OF ATLAS, EXILES)!

Park Ranger and avid caver Wesley Fischer is on a one-woman mission to stop Stillwater Cave from being turned into a tourist trap, but public opinion is not on her side. When locals begin blasting in the cave, Wes and a fellow ranger investigate – and a confrontation spirals into a deadly chase deep under the Kentucky mountains.

Commissioned sketch: The Shadow.

This was fun. I’ve never drawn The Shadow professionally, but I’ve doodled him quite a bit. It’d be hard to overestimate the impact the Shadow comics published by DC in the 70s had on me. They had an impossibly great line-up of illustrators- Mike Kaluta, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Robbins and E.R. Cruz- and the stories were so much darker, moodier and more brutal than the other comics I was reading at the time. They filled my head with wild notions of the possibilities of pulp melodrama, and by featuring such a wide range of styles on the same character, help raise my awareness of the effect an individual artist’s approach could have on a story.

Black and white commissioned sketch of The Shadow. Drawn in brush and ink on bristol.

Black and white commissioned sketch of The Shadow. Drawn in brush and ink on bristol.

Website revisions

I’ve done some reworking on the website. Most of it is under-the-hood stuff, but a few will be visible to everyone. First, I got rid of the big Carrie-head landing page. Everyone I asked prefers to get the news page up front. Also, I’ve got comments working again. Not sure what happened there, but they’re back.

A happy birthday

I turned 42 today. It’s quiet in the studio and I’ve had a chance to reflect on my life these days and everything for which I’m thankful.
-for my health.
-for my wife Sara, who makes everything worthwhile.
-for my friends here at the studio, who are like a family to me.
-and most of all, I’m thankful that I’m not some broke-ass superhero, like Hawkeye.

Hawkeye so poor, when he fight Arcade, he check the coin return.

Hawkeye so poor, when he fight Arcade, he check the coin return.

Stumptown Comics Fest

I’ll be a guest at Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend April 18-19, sitting in Artists Alley at table 104 with my wife Sara Ryan. Looks like they’ve got me scheduled for portfolio duty from 12-12:45 both days. It’s a small room. I should be easy to find. And if you’re going to be at the con, here’s a simple guide to good networking:

From the Comfort Guide by John Aegard. Illustration by Steve Lieber

From the Comfort Guide by John Aegard. Illustration by Steve Lieber

More from John Aegard here.